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    • Kim Tuyet is a certified specialist in permanent make-up giving you the beauty of natural look that will last you for years to come.

    • Think how confident you would feel, knowing that you will always put your best face forward through years after years.

    •   ♦♦♦  Please note that Kim Tuyet is only available from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM on
               Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for appointments.
    •   ♦♦♦  Please call for your appointment!
               Kim Tuyet: 604 430-9904
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    Permanent hair straightening
    Ladies and Men's Hair Cut

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    Graduation & Wedding Packages
      ♦  Deluxe Bridal Wedding Package
      ♦  Wedding Make-up and up-do
      ♦  Graduation Make-up and up-do

      ♦  Head
      ♦  Hand
      ♦  Feet

    Finishing Touches

  • Permanent make-up Benefits

    •   ♦   Save time and hassel of making makeup everyday
    •   ♦   Does not come off or smear during activities such as swimming, taking a
             shower, eating or a long day at work.
    •   ♦   Enhences your natural features or create a dramatic effect, the choice is yours
    •   ♦   Corrects the shapes: darken, fill or define eyebrows, eyelids or lips
    •   ♦   Prevents lipstick or eyeliner bleeding along the wrinklers, around the lips
             and the eye, drawing attention to them
    •   ♦   Helps those who suffer from hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia
    •   ♦   Helps those who wear contact lences or are sensitive to regular makeup
    •   ♦   Helps those whose hands shake, who have poor eyesight, or have
             difficulty drawing eyebrows, eyeliner or lipstick

    Permanent make-up Procedure

    • Before The Procedure
    •   ♦  You will have a consultation about the shape and colour that will best match
            your hair and skin tone. We will draw on a few colours of your choice.
    •   ♦  A topical or local anesthetic will be used prior to the procedure
    •   ♦  Bring sunglasses as it may be needed if your eyes become bruised after the session
    •   ♦  Don't forget to bring your favorite colour pencils or lipsticks for colour matching purposes
    •   ♦  Please note: if you're prone to the cold sore for the lips, please ask your doctor for
            the Antiviral medication 3 days before the procedure (optional)

    • After The Procedure
    •   ♦  The tattooed area will be swollen for the first 2 days, the colour will look darker
            for approximately 5 days until the scab peels off. For lips, it is generally 3 days.
            Then it will look smaller and lighter.
    •   ♦  The initial colour after the area has scabbed off does not represent the final look.
            After about a month, the colour will be set
    •   ♦  Use Saltwater as an antiseptic to clean it after the procedure
    •   ♦  Apply a small amount of A&D Ointment or Vaseline on the tattooed area 3x a day
            for about a month

    • Attention:
    •   ♦  Right after the procedure, keep blotting excess moisture from the tattoo area.
            Use saltwateras an antiseptic to clean it for at least the first 2 days
    •   ♦  Avoid soaking your face in water as the fresh in needs to be dry to heal
    •   ♦  It will take 3 days for the lips, 5 days for the eyebrows and eyeliner scab to peel.
            Take a long shower to soften the scab before peeling. Do not force or scratch
            the scabs to peel when dry
    •   ♦  For the lips: if you are having a cold sore, please stop using any oitnment.
            The moisture may spread the virus (Herpes Simplex). Apply oitnment agian
            as soon as the lips healed
    •   ♦  Come back for your complimentary touch up and check after 2 months
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    4770 Nanaimo Street, Vancouver BC V5N 5J8

    Permanent make-up: 604 430 9904
    Hair and other services: 604 430 9950
     ♦  MENNIE: 604 341 6611
     ♦  TINA: 778 998 6210
     ♦  YOUN.HEE: 778 866 3495

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    Hair services continue
    Perm, Color & Up-do
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    Finishing Touches
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